Advice for First Time Pet Boarding

Coupans Kennels in Dunblane know it's a worrying experience using a Kennels or Cattery for the first time.

We understand that your pet is part of the family. You want to know they're going to be in safe hands, well looked after and happy.

There are a few things you should make sure you do before boarding your pet. This help assure you they will be safe and to put your mind at rest.

Check Out The Boarding Facilities

The best way to assure yourself about your chosen location is to visit the accommodation. Before you book up, go have a look at where they will be staying.

Speak to the staff, since after all, they're the people who will be looking after your pet. You may also get a chance to see how the other animals in the facilities are. Both of these factors will put your mind at ease about they're holiday away from home.

Other Customers Experiences

Checking up on your chosen boarding kennels online should let you know a bit more about them. There are many websites out there from social media to review sites. where customer leave reviews and testimonials.

Hearing positive messages from previous users can make the experience a lot easier. It takse a weight off of your mind.

Take a look at what some previous customers have said about Coupans Kennels.

Home Comforts for your Pet

To help your pet feel more at home, make sure you take home comforts to the facilities. Most kennels & catteries will suggest this anyway, but make it a priority to keep your animal happy.

There are many items in your home that you animal will love. Whether that being their blanket, a soft toy or even a cushion from the couch. Anything you believe your animal would miss (apart from yourselves) try & bring along. Even eating out their regular bowls could make the experience a lot better for them.

Ask Questions

Anything that you want to know or aren't sure about, make sure you ask. Coupans Kennels are more than happy to answer any enquiry. We will help make the experience a lot happier for both you & your pet.

Get in touch today with any concerns you make have. Fill out a contact form or call 01786 845 458.

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